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The truth about home security signs in Tallahassee

July 17, 2023
Orange Vivint security sign in a front yard of a home

You could think of your home security sign as the first element of your property’s defense. But what function do they really play and what do they mean to possible invaders? Learn the truth about home security signs in Tallahassee and understand how you need to reinforce them with the appropriate protection.

Tallahassee home security signs impart a valuable message

The truth is there is legitimate benefit in showing a home security sign. It's a red flag to intruders and a distinct warning that your home features a functional security system. It’s also a strong indication that your home is linked to 24-hour monitoring professionals. Invaders will not only have to be concerned about activating an alarm, they’ll have to consider that law enforcement may be there swiftly. In numerous cases, they’ll decide it isn’t deserving of the risk.

Your sign is only as valuable as the home protection that backs it up

It’s crucial to note that your home security sign in Tallahassee is most effective when it’s supported by a responsive, advanced system. Modern systems are accessible from any location and can deliver immediate alerts through a convenient smartphone security app. You may also view video feeds and speak with people at your front door right through your smartphone.

Here are several components you should consider getting:

  • Doorbell cameras and outdoor surveillance with active deterrents: It’s accurate that simply the sight of exterior surveillance might be enough to deter crime, but devices with active deterrents are even more effective. Choose equipment with visual and audible deterrents. There are even doorbell cameras that offer the added perks of two-way audio and adjustable zones to prevent false alarms.
  • Smart lighting: Most prowlers won’t try to sneak inside if they think you’re there. You are able to set smart lights on a timetable and have them come on at particular instances to make your residence seem inhabited. This is particularly smart when you’re out of town.
  • Smart locking systems: Not remembering to turn the lock on your main entry is still among the most repeated errors homeowners make. Smart locks will solve this problem as they can be programmed to lock automatically. You are also able to engage them from any location with your mobile app.

If you’re implementing a sign without any other kind of security, it’s just a vacant threat that isn’t likely to give you or your family members much peace of mind. You’ll find yourself hopeful that the sign is adequate enough to discourage crime while you’re away. In the long run, it might not be, as experienced burglars will be able to tell if you haven’t included other kinds of security. It’s not justifiable of the risk, particularly when you factor in the cost-effectiveness of versatile, modern systems.

Customize your secure smart home in Tallahassee today

When you install a Vivint smart home in Tallahassee, you’ll have a home security sign and a lot more. By integrating our smart video cameras, lights, locks, and detectors, you’ll get the optimal protection possible. Dial (850) 790-4997 today to get started.